​June Walker Wilson BFA

Bud #1 and Bud #2

Bud # 1 & Bud #2

Bud #1 & Bud #2 are titled for the order they were painted not the stages of flower development. To be in chronological order they should be reversed. Bud #2 is the first stage of a zucchini bud before any of the yellow flower is showing. Bud #1 is when the yellow flower is obvious but not yet open.

I could have painted the whole zucchini patch showing the large broad leaves of the plants, mottled in shades of green, plus the buds and flowers in various stages, and the emerging zucchini fruit when the flowers are fading. However, as I discovered when working on my Artist’s Statement, my typical painting style is to zero-in on the solitary and individual. Doing so shares with the viewer the small, the insignificant, the details. It makes me look more closely and see what is often overlooked.

Maybe one day I’ll paint one of those fully opened bright yellow flowers.

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