​June Walker Wilson BFA

Convergence #1 & #2

Convergence #1

Why are these pieces White & Gold? 

I’d just finished applying the canvas primer to these paintings when a friend of mine, Pete (not his real name), came by the gallery and saw the drying pieces.

My intention was to paint them in natural, lifelike colours, but at that point they were white with a hint of canvas colour showing through in the treetops. 

Pete thought them quite interesting as they were. That stopped me in my art tracks and I pondered on his comment for a long time.

An art work is not finished when the canvas is only primed they were not yet “oil paintings.” However, always open to experiment, I eventually painted the two pieces in white and the treetops in shades of yellow and gold, to mimic the earlier stage.

Sometimes the most difficult part of a painting is finding a suitable title. It’s something I struggle with. These two pieces became the subject of my first Art Naming Competition with a lovely food gift basket as a prize. Convergence #1 and#2 was the result.

There has been much speculation as to the site of these trees. They are based on a walk I took… You guess where they are.

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