​June Walker Wilson BFA


June Walker-Wilson

It’s a three-hour round trip from St. John’s to Ferryland on the Avalon Peninsula. Many years ago I had cause to make that trip frequently. On leaving the city I’d first drive through the community of Kilbride and on through the town of Goulds.

I made this journey in all seasons and all weathers and would often pull in at Bidgood’s Plaza for lunch, a hot drink or that necessity of all travellers, a bathroom break. ​

I got to know the road quite well, recognizing spots along the route which became my distance markers. This tree was one of those landmarks, located right on the roadside in the Goulds.

Shaped by the wind and weather, it is a small tree which has developed an unmistakable individuality. It tolerates snow, ice and salt spray from passing cars. Yet from year to year it survives. Its enduring character deserved to be immortalized.

When I’d get to this tree on my return to town, I knew I was on the last leg as its weather-beaten branches pointed me towards home.

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