​June Walker Wilson BFA

​​Quidi Vidi

Quidi Vidi

While on a winter walk around Quidi Vidi Lake I noticed this tree. I must have passed it many times on previous walks but on this occasion the ground foliage had died back, making it more visible than in summer, and so it caught my attention.

The tree, a willow?, is located at the Quidi Vidi Village end of the lake between the board walk and the Forest Road side of the trail.

Obviously a product of its environment, battered by the winds which blow down the lake, it has lost one trunk and possibly has had other branches broken. Yet, despite these perturbations, it has developed graceful curves which I found aesthetically pleasing.

The challenge, as an artist, was to place the tree in an evening setting, something new for me, and at the same time be true to the tree’s form and shape. Despite the dark moody colours this is one of my favourite pieces.

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