​June Walker Wilson BFA

Serendipity in Art – A Fishy Story

Midnight River
June Walker-Wilson

Midnight River #1 evokes the aerial view of a river flowing between two dark green riverbanks. I wanted to create a second piece on the same subject but only of the river.

The rough painting surface is created with fabric dipped in gesso (canvas primer) and, while wet, manipulated into place on a panel. Moving the wet fabric around for the second piece was not going well and I was not achieving the desired shape. The fabric was removed from the panel and set aside to dry. Quite by chance it assumed a dried codfish shape, for which I had no immediate use.

​I learnt from the above how better to prepare the fabric and so started over. The result was Midnight River #2 a detail of which is used in the Ultramarine logo.

Up to 2014, Eastern Edge Art Gallery (an artist-run not for profit gallery) held an annual twenty four hour Art Making Marathon in August. I participated in the 2011 marathon but opted for a three hour Spotlight session. Knowing I had a short painting period, I started with a previously stretched and prepared canvas, the fish-shaped fabric and acrylic paints that dry quickly.

The Marathon is quite a social event, so surrounded by other artists all at work, I started painting the canvas. When the canvas was dry the fish shape was sewn to it and then carefully painted.

Titled Fish Out of Water, the work has the obvious association with salt cod but also relates to my attempt at making art about water, which resulted in art about a fish.

Fish Out of Water
June Walker-Wilson

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