​June Walker Wilson BFA


Backyard Birch

Trees, they’re fascinating!

They all have the same or similar attributes yet, like people, no two are alike, each being unique. Also like people they are a product of their environment. Tree shapes and forms indicate the weather conditions they have grown under. The prevailing wind is often evident from the slope of the branches. Trees on an ocean cliff top may be stunted in growth but have a stoic characteristic about them.

In early June 2014 a report* by T. D. Economics, a department of T. D. Bank, placed an economic value on the role trees play in the city of Toronto.

The report cited the beneficial effects as: improving air quality through oxygen production and pollution absorption; temperature management, (heat absorption in summer, mitigating cold in winter) and assisting with water absorption, hence flood control. This was worth $700 per tree. And, of course, they provide shade to sit under in summer, recreational and aesthetic value and the colour green is restful.

In addition to the above benefits, I enjoy trees for their colours, textures and often unusual shapes. The Backyard Birch has graceful branches shaped by the wind and the top branches glow red against a clear blue winter sky.

* Urban Forests: The Value of Trees in the City of Toronto.

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